Student Achievements and Results

HSC Results 2013

Naomi Chin Nominated for Encore

Shoalhaven Eisteddfod 2013

10yrs and under 

1st Olivia De Battista

2nd Luca Gibbs

12 yrs and under

1st Shannon Anand

2nd Anastassia Zafiriou

H.C. Olivia De Battista and Luca Gibbs

14 yrs and under

1st Annmarie Bedingfield

2nd Sarah Newton

H.C. Joy Chayna

16 yrs and under

1st Jessica Knight

2nd Annmarie Bedingfield

H.C. Gianna Cheung

18 yrs and under

1st Melissa Bortolazzo

2nd Gianna Cheung

H.C. Sarah Newton


1st Melissa Bortolazzo

2nd Jessica Knight

H.C. Gianna Cheung


AMEB Exams June 2013

High Distinction

Larrah Slender Grade 7

Keira Takacs Grade 7


Niamh Christopher Grade 3

Olivia De Battista Grade 3


AMEB Exams December 2012


Annmarie Bedingfield Grade 7

Sarah Newton Grade 7

Luca Gibbs Grade 3

Niamh Christopher Grade 2


Shoalhaven Eisteddfod 2012

10yrs and under

1st Olivia De Battista

2nd Luca Gibbs

H.C. Minseo Kang, Niamh Christopher and Stella McPhee


12 years and under

1st Olivia De Battista

2nd Shannon Anand

H.C. Keira Takacs and Luca Gibbs


12 years and under duet

1st Elisa Shain and Sarah I'Ons

2nd Abbey Hosking and Minseo Kang


14 years and under

1st Sarah Newton

2nd Gianna Cheung

H.C. Annmarie Bedingfield


16 years and under

1st Melissa Bortolazzo

2nd Gianna Cheung

H.C. Naomi Chin


Duet 16 years and under

1st Johanna Wichman and Elizabeth Neilsen

2nd Charlotte Gibbs and Melissa Bortolazzo


18 years and under

1st Charlotte Gibbs

2nd Jessica Knight

H.C. Naomi Chin



1st Naomi Chin

2nd Melissa Bortolazzo


AMEB Exams July 2012

High Distinction

Keira Takacs Grade 6

Shannon Anand Grade 5

Sarah Bradley Grade 5


Gianna Cheung Grade 8

Michelle Eckhardt Grade 7

Julia Robinson Grade 6

Larrah Slender Grade 6

Miriam Bud Grade 5

Sarah I'Ons Grade 4

Talitha Cannon Grade 2


Wollongong Eisteddfod 2012

10 yrs solo

1st Sarah Bradley

2nd Luca Gibbs

3rd Grace Ralainony


11 yrs Wind Instruments Solo Restricted

2nd Evelyn Parrish

3rd Grace Ralainony

12 yrs Australian Composition

1st Keira Takacs

H.C. Sarah Bradley

12 yrs Baroque/Classical Solo

2nd Keira Takacs

3rd Sarah Bradley

H.C. Anastassia Zafiriou

12yrs Wind Solo

2nd Sarah Bradley

H.C. Anastassia Zafiriou

12 yrs Championship

1st Sarah Bradley

2nd Keira Takacs

13yrs Restricted Solo

1st Joy Chayna

14yrs Australian Composition Solo

1st Gianna Cheung

14 yrs Baroque Solo

1st Gianna Cheung

14 yrs Solo

1st Gianna Cheung

2nd Sarah Newton

3rd Keira Takacs

Intermediate Championship 13-16 yrs

2nd Melissa Bortolazzo

3rd Naomi Chin


16 yrs 20th/21st Century Solo

1st Melissa Bortolazzo

2nd Jessica Knight

16 yrs Wind Solo

1st Melissa Bortolazzo

3rd Jessica Knight

16 yrs Australian Composition

1st Larrah Slender

2nd Naomi Chin

3rd Jessica Knight

16 yrs Baroque Solo

1st Gianna Cheung

3rd Larrah Slender

Open Australian Composition

1st Charlotte Gibbs


AMEB Exams May 2012


Oliva De Battista Grade 1

Niamh Christopher Grade 1



HSC Results 2012

Charlotte Gibbs Band 6 in Music 1, Band 4 in Extension Music

HSC Results 2011

Lucy Smith - 98% in Music 1 and 8th in the state

Caitlin Romelingh - Band 6 in Music 1


AMEB Exams November 2011

Luca Gibbs Grade 2 Honours

Elisa Shain Grade 3 Honours

Johanna Wichman Grade 4 Honours

Julia Robinson Grade 5 Honours

Sarah Newton Grade 6 Honours

Annmarie Bedingfield Grade 6 Honours

Sarah O'Hea-Miller Grade 7 Honours

Jessica Knight Grade 8 Honours


Music Illawarra Competition October 2011

Sarah Bradley 8-10 years 1st prize and Most Promising Woodwind player

Niamh Christopher 8-10 years 3rd prize

Annmarie Bedingfield 11-12 years 1st prize

Keira Takacs 11-12 years 2nd prize

Phebe Rowland 13-14 years 1st prize

Gianna Cheung 13-14 years 2nd prize

Sarah Newton 13-14 years 3rd prize

Melissa Bortolazzo 15-16 years 1st prize

Jessica Knight 15-16 years 2nd prize

Michelle Eckhardt 15-16 years 3rd prize

Sarah Newton and Annmarie Bedingfield Duet section 1st prize

Elizabeth Nielsen and Miriam Bud Duet section 3rd prize


AMEB exams July 2011

Luca Gibbs Grade 1 High Distinction

Shannon Anand Grade 4 High Distinction

Phebe Rowland Grade 5 High Distinction

Keira Takacs Grade 5 High Distinction

Gianna Cheung Grade 7 High Distinction


Grace Ralainony Grade 1 Distinction

Talitha Cannon Grade 1 Distinction

Evelyn Parrish Grade 2 Distinction

Elisa Shain Grade 2 Distinction

Johanna Wichman Grade 3 Distinction

Sarah I'Ons Grade 3 Distinction

Miriam Bud Grade 4 Distinction

Larrah Slender Grade 5 Distinction

Michelle Eckhardt Grade 6 Distinction

Melissa Bortolazzo Grade 8 Distinction

Naomi Chin Grade 8 Distinction